Workshop on Probability at Kansai University

DATE: 29 September 2012 (Sat)
PLACE: Kansai Univ. 4th school area, 3rd Building (Room 3403)
ORGANIZERS: Yuichi Shiozawa (Okayama University), Toshihiro Uemura (Kansai University)


11:00 - 11:40

Kaneharu Tsuchida (National Defense Academy, Japan)
On harmonic functions for critical Schrödinger operators

11:50 - 12:30

Yoshihiro Abe (Kyoto University, Japan)
Cover times and graph structures

13:40 - 14:20

Mattias Keller (University of Jena, Germany)
Large time behavior of heat kernels

14:30 - 15:10

Marcel Schmidt (University of Jena, Germany)
Asymptotic stability of Markovian semigroups on $\ell^1$

15:30 - 16:10

Xue-Ping Huang (Bielefeld University, Germany)
An analytic approach to stochastic completeness of weighted graphs

16:20 - 17:00

Daisuke Shiraishi (Kyoto University, Japan)
Random walk on non-intersecting two-sided random walk trace is subdiffusive in low dimensions

17:10 - 17:50

Rene Schilling (TU Dresden, Germany)
Stability of functional inequalities under subordination

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